Giving Opportunities for Ecuador

Endowed Manager Position$300,000
Family Library – Nutrition: Crop Section$50,000
Family Library – Nutrition: Small Protein Section$50,000
Family Library – Saving & Provident Living Section$50,000
Family Library – Commerce Section$50,000
Small Protein – Breeding Goat farm for Feed the World$40,000
Vehicle – 4×4 with ability to carry 7$30,000
Endowed Fund – Building Staff Capacity thru Targeted Training$30,000
Endowed Fund – Building Staff Capacity thru Targeted Training$60,000
Small Protein – Rabbit farm$25,000
Small Protein -Chicken farm$20,000
Water – Well Technologies$15,000
Community Tractor for Cochas$15,000
Small Protein – Breeding Guinea pig farm for Feed the World$15,000
“Agriculture/Animal Husbandry” Position – to reach 400 new families$10,000
Water – Well & Reservoir Technologies$8,000
Special Initiative – Research Water/Tree Mounds$5,000
Seeds – Sweet Potato (starter plants)$5,000
Demonstration Farm (supplies)$5,000
Small Protein – Goat Module for Family$4,000
Small Protein – Rabbit Module for Family$2,500
Small Protein – Chicken Module for Family$2,000
Small Protein – Guinea Pig Module for Family$1,500
Demo Farm Caretaker – Annual Compensation$5,000