TRAINING AND EDUCATION are key to ensuring that lasting self-reliance is achieved by smallholder farm families.

How do we accomplish our mission?

  1. Teaching families in their own fields
    By working directly with families on their own land, we can tailor the Small Scale Agricultural Model to their needs, and keep the activities focused on our mission. This also helps us learn what challenges we must address to improve our general programs as well.
  2. Strategic Partnerships
    Whenever possible, we partner with local universities, government agencies, and other non-profit organizations to empower even more families to feed themselves and provide for the future.  Our university partners provide laboratories, student interns, and land for demonstration farms for research to test the latest advances in agricultural methods. Some of our local and regional government partners provide manpower in the form of extension agents who are trained in the Small Scale Agricultural Model and deliver the program to new communities.
  3. Consulting
    Where other organizations are already running agricultural programs, we provide consulting services, with a focus on sustainable farming practices and lasting self reliance.

These strategic partnerships make it possible to magnify our impact and reach more smallholder farm families in need. These strategic partnerships foster lasting impact through local management and investment, and they also provide many smallholder farmers with “input loans” such as small animals, seeds, fertilizers, tools and equipment that will transform their lives forever.