Feed The World’s mission is to empower poor smallholder farm families to feed themselves and provide for the future through sustainable farming.

Guiding Principles

small-livestock-peru-editedSeeds of Dignity and Hope are planted in the hearts of our smallholder farm families as they work together to provide for themselves and build a better future.

Transparency & Accountability means that we will do exactly what we promise to do in the communities we serve and that we will be open and honest with our donors in communicating how funds are being used.

Lasting Self Reliance is achieved as families obtain sufficient knowledge and education, manage resources wisely, and prepare for the future so that they will continue to thrive after our support ends.

Sustainable Farming is practiced by smallholder farm families as they plan, plant, and harvest food for themselves and their livestock, while building human capacity to recognize and enhance the efficient use of their natural resources.

Kenya Kids EatingNutrition & Income are the core benefits to smallholder farm families as they grow and produce foodstuffs that provide for a nutritionally balanced diet on an economically sustainable basis.

Scientifically Proven Methodology guides the implementation of agricultural best practices with our smallholder farm families and on our demonstration farms.  We also support further scientific research through partnerships with universities, governments, and other non-governmental organizations (NGO’s).

Mutual Respect is the goal of our in-country agronomists, nutritionists, and animal scientists as they interact with smallholder farm families, seeking to understand the “why” behind traditional practices, and always exploring new possibilities.

Training & Education in sustainable farming, nutrition, food preparation, and hygiene are key to ensuring that lasting self reliance is achieved by smallholder farm families.

Honoring Culture means that our programs work within the local cultural framework to empower and educate smallholder farm families without imposing an outside culture on them.

Ecuador-Family with food(2)Family Focus involves both women and men in all aspects of decision making, training, and education; and keeps children and parents united and working together on their land.

Feeding the Spirit means that while Feed the World does not identify itself with one particular religion or belief system, we honor the spirituality of all human beings and serve all program participants irrespective of their beliefs or social station.

Pay It Forward means that we expect our smallholder farm families to pass on their seeds, stock, and knowledge to other families in need once they have successfully provided for themselves.