Michael Bumstead



Michael Bumstead currently serves as President of Feed the World. He developed a personal attachment to the small-scale agriculture model as a donor to the Benson Institute for more than 12 years. His family has accompanied him many times to Ecuador to participate in these projects, working hands-on with the families involved. Mr. Bumstead is a certified Merger and Acquisition Advisor but has little time to practice in this trade as President of Feed The World/SRA. He previously served as CEO and President of the Board of Bumstead Manufacturing Inc. from 1976 to 1998. Under his leadership, Bumstead Manufacturing grew from a small garage into a major supplier of manufactured aerospace parts serving Boeing and earning in excess of $60 million in sales per year. He successfully sold this company in 1998 to focus on philanthropic ventures. Mr. Bumstead has a Manufacturing Engineering degree from Brigham Young University and an Executive MBA from the University of Washington.

Lonny Ward



Lonny Ward has worked tirelessly since 2010 to help poverty-stricken people in third world countries create prosperity for themselves and their families. He has an MBA from the Marriott School of Management and a Master’s Degree in Animal Science from Brigham Young University. Lonny has 18 years of experience in agribusiness management, including dairy, swine, sheep, horses, goats, and chickens, as well as farm products such as almonds and pistachios. He has extensive experience with bovine embryo transfer and embryo sexing. Lonny is currently the Mayor of the Town of Genola Utah, where he runs an independent consulting business and writes about his international travels on his blog, www.ethiopiancowboy.com. He is passionate about bringing together the resources of the prosperous world and the needs of the third world into a synergistic network focused on individuals helping individuals. He is thrilled to be a part of the Feed the World team.

Alan Silva



Alan Silva is an experienced business manager and public speaker. He is presently the Chief Technical Officer for Feed The World/SRA. Alan also owns Bright Spot Productions. He has management or owner experience in a real estate company, a car rental company, medical supply sales to hospitals, and computer sales. Alan is an accomplished public speaker, has extensive computer skills, marketing and management skills. His upbeat enthusiasm is contagious. He is a go-getter and is kept busy with video production in his spare time. Alan was born in Colombia and is very fluent in Spanish. He attended the University of Utah and currently resides in central Florida. He considers his greatest accomplishment to be that of husband and father to five incredible kids. In his own words: “My family gives my life purpose”.

Connie Thornton



Connie Thornton is a dedicated and dependable person to have on your team. She has business experience as an office manager, bookkeeper, and dental assistant. Connie is knowledgeable in computer software, which is vital for all the demands on her time as the Financial Manager and Executive Assistant for FTW. She has been instrumental in developing an accounting system that is used in Ecuador, Peru, Kenya and the US. Under her leadership, Feed The World/SRA has successfully completed 2010, 2011 and 2012 audits from an independent audit firm. Connie has homeschooled four children that have gone onto university level education. She is organized, dependable, and is conscientious with her responsibilities. Connie lives with her family in Enumclaw, Washington.

Jana Bryant



Jana Bryant is one of the most enthusiastic people you will ever meet. Her bright attitude is contagious. She is our expedition coordinator and the one most of our families will connect with first.  Jana is a proud mother of 5 children. She is a dental assistant and a CPR certified instructor. Jana has been PTA president twice, and has a passion for the youth. Feed the World is a very important program to Jana, and she is proud to be a part of these amazing expeditions!