SUSTAINABLE FARMING is practiced by smallholder farm families as they plan, plant, and harvest food for themselves and their livestock, while building human capacity to recognize and enhance the efficient use of their natural resources.

At Feed the World, our mission is to eliminate hunger, malnutrition and poverty through sustainable farming. In our international humanitarian projects, we do this by working hand in hand with rural families to develop the skills they need to be financially and nutritionally self-sufficient on their own land, with the resources they have. In the developed world, we help families who desire more control over their food and  finances to develop sustainable, simple gardening practices that bring real results even in limited space.

The Small Scale Agriculture Model allows families to cultivate and store nutritious foods that they can eat throughout the year to promote proper health and nutrition. In our humanitarian projects, families in the program are evaluated and then educated about the implementation of a sustainable farming model of their own.

At Feed the World, sustainable farming means two things:

  1. The program is designed based on the resources available in that specific area, using the tools that are available and familiar to the smallholder farm families. We focus on lasting self reliance, as families obtain sufficient knowledge and education, manage resources wisely, and prepare for the future so that they will continue to thrive after our support ends.
  2. Feed the World’s focus is on helping families understand how to sustainably farm different types of crops at the right times of the year in order to nourish their land and prevent the loss of precious nutrients in the soil. We want these families to see agriculture as a long-term sustainable solution, rather than a “quick fix.”

To learn more about how our Small Scale Agriculture model works overall and learn about our work throughout the world, click on the link below on the left. To learn how to apply the principles we teach in your own home and help you and your family become more self sufficient, click the link below on the right.