In real estate, it is said that location is everything. It is the same with gardening. In gardening, it is the same way. close to homeWhere you place your garden will determine what kind of food you can grow and how well you will be able to take care of it. Here are a few tips:

1. Look up: Many gardeners will choose to plant a garden without considering the surroundings. Many of your plants will need sunlight for a long part of the day in order to grow correctly. If you plant your garden in the shadow of a neighboring tree or the shadow of your house, plants that require light will have a difficult time growing. If you have no choice but to plant in these areas, then plan on compensating by growing food that will thrive in shade.

2. Distance: The closer your garden is to your home, the better able you will be to spot any issues that threaten it, such as hungry animals, diseases and the like. The farther from the house that you plant your garden, the more effort it will take to bring water to it.