IMPACT: Due to careful data collection and statistical analysis, our Country Directors are able to report verifiable and measurable results for the families in our programs. Some of those results are listed HERE.



Feed the World-The Institute for Self Reliant Agriculture(SRA) Ecuador Program Update:

1. Feed the World-SRA Ecuador now has an expanded, fully functional demonstration farm of 5 Hectares (about 12 acres), which serves to provide seeds and animals to our families. The local university has also offered another 30 acres for our development.  Our goal is to produce all of our own seeds and livestock on the demonstration farm, which will then go out to families in the form of seed and livestock loans.

2. As part of our mission to “train the trainers,” Feed the World-SRA Ecuador has agreed to teach the leaders of 26 counties, each with 12 to 16 small cities, who will learn our small-scale sustainable farming model and take it to smallholder farm families in their own communities.


Feed the World-SRA Kenya Program Update:

1.  Feed the World-SRA Kenya has partnered with Koins for Kenya to build demonstration farms at two elementary schools and is providing vegetables and eggs for school lunches.  The demonstration farms are also serving as a training ground for smallholder farmers in six neighboring villages. We are also using the surplus eggs that we produce to generate monthly income to support our programs.

2.  Feed the World-SRA Kenya is working with HIV-positive mothers to provide goat milk for their infants.

3.  Feed the World-SRA Kenya is working with water resource experts to find adequate water management solutions for the area.


Feed the World-SRA Peru Program Update:

1.  Feed the World-SRA Peru has a working relationship with government officials and local universities,which are helping us to reach many more families. Here is a link to a collaboration project we are currently working on with the Government of Piura (in Spanish):

2.  Feed the World-SRA Peru will expand its reach in 2013 to help more than 800 families not only become self-sufficient, but also have the tools to help other families to do the same.

3.  Feed the World-SRA Peru has now developed an active demonstration farm, which now serves as a training center for families and our local partners.