July 13, Sunday: Leave USA

Leave Seattle and arrive in Lima early Monday. Get through Customs and Immigration and wait for early morning flight to Piura.

July 14, Monday: Arrive 7:40 in Piura

Welcoming reception, briefing and transfer to your hotel in Piura.


  •  (9:00 – 10:00) Presentation from our staff at the office
  •  (10:15 – 11:00) Visit the demo farm
  •  (11:15 – 13:00) Peruvian dish cooking lesson
  •  (13:00 – 15:00) Prepared Lunch
  •  (15:00 – 16:30) Hands on training in the demo farm to prepare for trip to Frias

Meals: Lunch, dinner
Overnight: Piura

July 15, Tuesday: Piura – Frias

  •  (9:00 to 12:30) Travel to Frias
  •  (13:00 to 14:00) Lunch
  •  (14:00 to 14:30) Meet local government officials
  •  (16:00 to 18:00) Soccer game
  •  (19:00 to 20:00) Dinner

Meals: Breakfast, boxed lunch & dinner
Overnight: Frias

July 16, Wednesday: Frias and surrounding villages

  •  (8:00 to 10:00) Separate youth visitors into three groups for workshops (dental health, hand cleaning and a third topic proposed by youth visitors).
  •  (10:00 to 12:30) Youth visitors and students play and share time – Relay races.
  •  (12:30 to 13:00) Meeting for sharing (cookies, soda, candies, etc).
  •  (13:30 to 14:30) Lunch
  •  (14:30 – 17:00) Building and planting the garden for school—the beginning of the school lunch program.
  •  (17:00 to 17:30) Travel back to Frias

Meals: Breakfast, box lunch & dinner
Overnight: Frias

July 17, Thursday: Frias and surrounding villages

  •  Split up into small groups (3-4) and shadow a family. Learn their daily routines and help with any service projects for these families.
  •  (7:00 to 8:00) Breakfast
  •  (8:00 to 9:00) Travel to villages
  •  (9:00 to 15:30) Activities in the fields (includes travel time)
  •  (9:00 to 15:30) Activities at homes such as taking care of animals, cooking, etc.
  •  (12:30 to 13:30) Lunch with the families. FTW technicians will help in health and manage of food as well as the chaperones.
  •  (15:30 to 17:00) Travel back to Frias
  •  (19:00 to 20:00) Dinner

Meals: Breakfast, lunch with family & dinner
Overnight: Frias

July 18, Friday: Frias

  • Activities done in day 5 at the other school and presentation of local dances.

Meals: Breakfast, box lunch & dinner
Overnight: Frias

July 19, Saturday: Waterfalls and travel to Piura

  •  Hike to the waterfalls. (45 minute hike) Oscar’s friends will guide us and rock climbing class for those interested.
  •  Travel back to Piura

Meals: Breakfast, box lunch & dinner

Overnight: Piura

July 20, Sunday: Church in Piura

  • Attend Church of choice in Piura
  • Talent show organized by our youth

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
Overnight: Piura

July 21, Monday: Full-day Piura

  •  Visit Program Families in the morning
  •  Shopping in Catacaos
  •  Visit the Ruins of Narihuala

Meals: Breakfast, lunch & dinner
Overnight: Piura

July 22, Tuesday, Travel Piura-Cusco

Travel day by plane from Piura to Lima to Cusco. Welcoming reception and transfer to hotel in Cusco to rest and acclimate to the altitude.

July 23, Wednesday in Cusco

Afternoon tour with a visit to the lively Plaza de Armas  (or ¨Warrior Square¨) that was the center of life in the time of the Incas. The Plaza sits in the shadows of the Cathedral of Campania de Jesus and continues to be the center of life in Cusco today. Its impressive stonework blends late Gothic and Baroque styles with colonial gold work and carved wood alters. Our next stop is Korikancha, (or the temple of the sun,) built in honor of Incan deity. It once housed over 4,000 priest and their attendants. The massive walls of Korikancha were covered in gold before the arrival of the Spanish who destroyed the temple and confiscated the gold.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch & dinner

Overnight: Cusco

July 24, Thursday: Full-day tour of the Sacred Valley

We will start early in the morning to begin a full day in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Our first stop will be the camelid farm of Awana Kancha. Here you will be able to interact with the pride of the Andes: llamas, alpacas, guanacos and vicuñas. You will also witness the authentic dyeing and weaving processes that have been in use since Incan times.

From there it is onward to the city of Pisac and its traditional market. You will have the chance to browse through row after row of traditional Andean textiles, handcrafts and even dry goods and vegetables. While it is easy to become immersed in the thousands of items on display, we need to make our way up the Valley to make the most of our day.

Our next stop is the city of Urubamba – the population center of the Sacred Valley which it sits on the banks of its namesake, the Urubamba River. Here we will stop and enjoy a scenic and relaxing buffet-style lunch where you will have the opportunity to try a variety of the favorite local dishes.

After lunch, we will move on to the town and archaeological site of Ollantaytambo which was the personal estate of Pachacuti, the ninth Sapa Inca of the Kingdom of Cusco, who conquered the region and built the town and ceremonial structures. Ollantaytambo is also the starting point for the 4-day hike on the Inca Trail.

Here you will have the opportunity to climb to the top of this imposing fortress and enjoy its breathtaking wonders and views. Next, you’ll be boarding your train to Aguas Calientes at the base of Machu Picchu where you will be greeted and guided to your hotel.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch & dinner
Overnight: Aguas Calientes

July 25, Friday: Full-day Machu Picchu

In the morning, your guide will meet you at your hotel and you will board a bus that will take you on the last leg of the journey. We’ll travel up the mountain to the entrance of the citadel of Machu Picchu. The experience will take your breath away, and fill you with a wave of emotion and awe that you will experience few times in your life. You will begin a walking tour of the terraced agricultural area and the legendary stonework of the living and working areas. There is still a lot of mystery surrounding the purpose of the citadel and why it was suddenly abandoned. Your local guide will explain the functional history of the site and share legends and rituals surrounding the Incan’s deep reverence for mother earth. After the tour, you will enjoy a buffet lunch before boarding the train back to Cusco. Upon your arrival by train, you will be transferred to your hotel in Cusco to rest and reflect upon one of the most amazing days of your life.

Meals: Breakfast, buffet lunch & dinner
Overnight: Cusco

July 26, Saturday: Cusco – Lima – USA

Early morning hike from the Cusco Plaza to the nearby ruins of the amazing fortress of Saqsaywaman, a massive complex that once protected the city and today offers a spectacular view of the city. At the scheduled time, you will be transferred to the airport where you will be assisted with your check-in and departure for your flight to Lima and on to the USA.

Meals: Breakfast

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