The Thriving Gardening System is the only gardening system that will help your family grow tons of healthy organic food and at the same time help families around the world to achieve self sufficiency themselves. Our system is so simple that anyone can do it in any amount of space. Whether you live on a farm on on the 50th floor, you can have a healthy nutrition garden.  Remember that every purchase you make from our store will help support our programs around the world.

Why grow you own garden?

Health – Micro-nutrients replenish body, fresh and raw foods build strong immune systems and combat disease.

Cost – $50 spent in seeds and compost can produce $1,250 worth of organic produce. A savings of $1,200.

Taste – Fresh vegetables, fruit and herbs are harvested at peak levels for taste and nutrition .

Organic – You decide what is used in your garden, GMO free, organic, water supply, pesticides, heirloom – what is your choice?

Sustainable – once you plant a garden, you can continue to feed yourself and family continuously year after year.

You can get more detailed information on how you can grow the most amazing gardens. Click the banner below or HERE to be taken to our partner website where you can get information and supplies!

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