Feed The World SRA joins forces with CHOICE Humanitarian

After 6 years of making a difference in the lives of people living in extreme poverty in Kenya, Ecuador and Peru, Feed The World SRA is officially joining forces with CHOICE Humanitarian.

“Both organizations understand that their participants must do all they can to help themselves. Handouts do not work, but mentoring … with proper tools does work. By experience, both organizations have learned to work first with individual leaders of a community to consequently lift all.”
– Mike Bumstead, Founder and President


CHOICE Humanitarian has been helping end extreme poverty for over 30 years using a community based leadership model. Our goal in uniting efforts is that we will be stronger as a result of our combined effort. As a result of this partnership, our program will now be launched in Nepal, Bolivia, Mexico, and Guatemala, as well as continuing in Kenya, Peru, and Ecuador. We will combine elements of our family agriculture model with CHOICE Humanitarian’s community building model, using the best of each organization.

This website will be officially redirected on October 12. Please visit www.choicehumanitarian.org for continued information on our work to end extreme poverty.