Update on the Global Giving Campaign

If you remember in July we posted and solicited for support of a campaign dedicated to raising funds for gardening program that would impact 508 children in San Jacinto and Nazacota Purento, Ecuador. Over which 60% of those children suffer from malnutrition.

We are happy to announce you made the difference! The funds raised for this project so far is $5,366. Thank you does not express enough the meaningful giving of your donation to this cause. There is still a remaining need of $1,234 if you feel moved to donate today.

Since the end of the campaign July 31st, 2014, students at Nazacota Purento have taken classes and a tour at our Demo farm where they have learned how to apply successful gardening principles. They were excited and anxious to get started in their own lot at the school. The families of the students donated their time to prepare the soil for the gardens. They have now started planting crops at the school.

With the first gardens being implemented, we will start teaching the families how to harvest the crops necessary to have enough for them and then enough for chickens and guinea pigs. Also the families will learn how to take care of the animals. Once the harvest comes in, we will begin to add animals to the school project.

At San Jacinto, we will be making a change. A new law that came into effect after the campaign ended will do away with many of the smaller local schools.  This law will move the children into larger regional schools. They hope this helps  by saving resources and teachers. Due to this new law, San Jacinto will be closed. We have halted our work there. Once the new school systems are in place, we will look for another school that has enough land to implement the garden program  at that school. We will keep everyone up to date on the next report!