Tsuma’s Beekeeping Business and Gardens Update

In July, Lonny Ward was able to visit again with Tsuma, a man he had met in Gona, Kenya.  After Lonny had met with village leaders to teach Feed The Worlds program and method, Tsuma had offered Lonny a chicken as a way to show his gratitude. Lonny had been unable to accept the generous gift due to the realization that livestock and airplanes do not mix well. In true giving spirit Lonny asked Tsuma to “pay it forward” so another person could benefit from this gift.

Indeed Tsuma has taken that opportunity and grown to be known as one of the best entrepreneur in the area now. His beekeeping and honey business has grown to 32 hives from his intense desire to thrive. Tsuma has worked very hard, has taken the time to educate himself, looking to his mentors for guidance.

“Besides growing his beekeeping business with such great success, Tsuma has worked hard to teach and lead others in his village. His entire group has been working hard in their vegetable gardens, and harvested a bountiful crop of kale, spinach, tomatoes, okra, corn, and other vegetables.

This has provided their families plenty of nutritious food, and large quantities of extra vegetables to sell in the market. The villagers have been taught by Feed The World staff how to dry their kale for later use, and discovered that if they sell it during the dry season, they can get twice the price for it. The proceeds from their vegetable sales have helped the families be able to afford school fees for their children and set up a group bank account.”

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Tsuma and his village group picking a bountiful harvest in Gona, Kenya.

Tsuma and his village group picking a bountiful harvest in Gona, Kenya.