State of the Organization and Global Giving Partnership

Michael with FarmerThe programs are strong, farmer families are growing a variety of crops and small animals, and malnutrition is being eliminated. We’re growing more than just maize here at Feed the World, we are growing “people from the ground up”.

More opportunities continue to present themselves in other parts of the world to help small farmers’ families on the road to self-reliance. As we continue to build on our initial structure, we’re turning to innovative funding opportunities to sustain the progress we’ve seen now for five years.

One of those funding opportunities is Global Giving, a crowd-funded online fundraising platform for nonprofits. Since 2002, over 386,000 donors have raised more than $112,000,000 to help further 10,105 projects. Feed the World has decided to participate in Global Giving’s June Challenge which, if successful, will land us a permanent spot on its website. The challenge is this: during the month of June, we need to raise $6,600 from 40 different donors. Help us get there!

The project that we’re raising funds for is a farm for two schools in Ecuador. More than 500 students collectively attend both schools and our hope is that this farm will serve not only their nutritional needs, but provide healthy food for future students as well!

“Matching days” will take place on June 11 and 18, this will mean that whatever amount is organically donated on those days will be matched 15 percent. Please take note that our first matching day is Wednesday this week!

We’re really looking forward to striking up a partnership with Global Giving not only for the additional visibility and source of funding, but for the long-term benefit of being listed as an approved charity.

Madeleine Gleave is a former Global Giving team member who advised monthly challenge participants, like Feed the World, on ways to fundraise using the site. Of Global Giving’s efficacy, Madeleine said, “Global Giving is a valuable outlet for burgeoning nonprofits because it taps into people’s social networks where we spend so much time, and where we communicate what we care about. It highlights the power that individuals can have in supporting organizations around the world.”

I thank you in advance for your interest in our programs and for your assistance to place Feed The World on the Global Giving platform.  A little goes a long way.  The effort of many can move mountains.  Many small farmers will be eternally grateful to feed their children nutritionally.


Michael Bumstead