Our Exciting Rebranding as Feed The World

Recently The Institute for Self Reliant Agriculture has gone through a rebranding process with our new DBA name Feed The World. This new branding is featured in our new logo, social media sites, and our premium internet domain feedtheworld.org.

While we are still known as The Institute for Self-Reliant Agriculture for research, academic, and training activities, the decision to rebrand our organization as Feed The World is helping us spread awareness of our important programs to a larger audience, as well as giving new life and vitality to our organization.

  • Instantly Recognizable and Memorable. Our new name is memorable and easy to spell, making it easier for people to remember us and find our website. Though TIFSRA.org was a great acronym and unique to our brand, the change to the instantly memorable feedtheworld.org helps bring in and retain new readership, followers, donors, and partnerships.
  • Trust & Authority. A premium domain name helps consumers have more confidence in an organization because today’s tech-savvy audiences recognize that premium domains are harder to obtain and are therefore generally used by larger, trustworthy companies.
  • Funding and Partnerships. Rebranding an organization helps attract and convert new donors and can assist our fundraising team to secure better funding and form strategic partnerships with other companies. Valuable partnerships are vital to the long term survival and success of companies in our industry.
  • Word of Mouth (aka “Viralability”). A short and memorable name increases the number of referrals we receive via word-of-mouth and social media sharing. Viralability is one of the most valuable donor sources for online organizations, encouraging direct referrals from trusted friends.

As we go forward with these exciting changes, Feed The World is committed to maintaining our adherence to the principles that The Institute for Self-Reliant Agriculture was founded on: Self-Reliance, Sustainable Farming, and Lasting Impact. We encourage you to read and share our guiding principles as outlined in our mission statement HERE. These fundamental principles are what make us different than other charitable organizations, and they will continue to be the basis upon which all our efforts are based. We are committed to our founding principles as we move forward into the future. Thank you for your support and continued loyalty!

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