Feed The World Announces June GlobalGiving Fundraiser

The staff and volunteers here at Feed The World are proud to announce our participation in the GlobalGiving.com “Global Open Challenge” June 2014 Fundraiser!  We are excited to have our project be accepted for online fundraising with GlobalGiving.com so that we can leverage their online tools, donor networks, and partners to help us raise funds for important projects.

By helping us make this project a success (at least $5,000 raised between 40 separate donors), then Feed The World will become a permanent member of the GlobalGiving community. This status will enable us to continue posting projects and fundraising through their website. We need your help to spread the word and help us make our June Fundraising Project a success!

Why GlobalGiving?

GlobalGiving is a charitable fundraising website that offers registered non-profit organizations of all sizes a chance to raise money online with their global market of donors and partners. All projects listed on the GlobalGiving site are given a  rigorous due diligence review, which includes ensuring that all donations satisfy IRS guidelines for international grants, tax deductions, and the U.S. Treasury Department’s anti-terrorism guidelines.

Every project and organization involved must show that their work has substantial social impact, a track record of delivering on their promises. These strict acceptance standards help to give new donors the confidence they need to make a contribution, knowing that their funds will be used to do good throughout the world. Watch this video to see how it works: http://youtu.be/1lbp2LKM_Mk

500 Hungry Children – A Lasting Solution

The project chosen by the staff for the GlobalGiving challenge is creating school garden & nutrition programs at two of our rural Ecuadorian schools: San Jacinto School and Nazacota Puento School. By raising a total of $6,600 in June, we will be able to provide the funds to start a gardening and nutrition education program at both schools.

Students from the San Jacinto and Nazacota schools.

Students from the San Jacinto and Nazacota schools.


  • The San Jacinto & Nazacota schools are both located in rural Cotacachi County in Ecuador
  • The schools serve a total of 508 children ages 3 to 16 years old
  • 60% of these children are malnourished
  • The children do not currently receive breakfast
  • Food supplies from the government are insufficient (crackers and watery flour beverage)
  • Both schools have ample land that is not currently being utilized


  • Improve the nutrition of the children
  • Improve the school performance of the children
  • To produce a variety of healthy foods in the school
  • To involve the children in the production of crops and animals
  • To improve the family relationships by having parents participate in the project


  • Establishment of gardens at both schools
  • Training and implementation of a small animal breeding program
  • Plant and grow fodder for animals
  • Productive project training in Northern Technical University Demo Farm
  • Personalized training in health and nutrition for the children
  • Provide balanced nutrition with their gardens & small animal programs
Proposed Gardening Area at Nazacota School

Proposed Gardening Area at Nazacota School

We Need Your Help!

You can help us with our goal of raising $3,300 for each school and make a real difference in the lives of these 508 children, their teachers and families!  Please help us raise the needed funds by doing the following:

  • Make your own donation, small or large, between June 1 – June 30th, 2014 by clicking HERE!
    • You can donate in honor of a loved one or special occasion HERE
    • You can create a recurring donation HERE.
  • Spread the word about our Project with Social Media Tools HERE! Use these tools to:
    • Add a link to your website or blog
    • Place a widget or button on your website or blog
    • Add a “Give Now” button to your website or blog

Through this perpetual and rotational garden and nutrition program, we invite you to join us in providing a lasting solution to hunger for 500 children this year, and hundreds more children in years to come. We Thank You and our Ecuador Schools Thank You!

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